Easter Cupcakes

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Making holiday cupcakes is a tradition, whether you’re hosting a party or not. The colorful decorations and pretty toppers of Easter cupcakes, in particular, make them like a small festival for kids.
Decorating these cupcakes may not require talent or time as much as requiring eye catching toppers, which you buy from the holiday stores or the bakery around the holiday time. There are colorful flower shaped candy, peanut candy that look like bird eggs, jelly candy to make a basket holder, natural food coloring for whipped cream, and shapeable fondant to make the bunnies or chicks.


The basic cupcake topper is the whipped cream, with natural food coloring and fruit syrup that adds taste and style. This advantage, in addition to using bunny candy, allows you to color the cupcakes in spring themes, especially if you’re topping with flower candy.
Grated coconut and chocolate are complementary elements, as you may need them to make bunny fur and toss around bird nests. There is also the Easter egg theme, which you simply make with sugar fondant and colorful, liquid frosting. You may need to use a cake coloring pen, for easy drawing and precise lining.
The last idea in this topic is the egg basket and spring field. Both should be made with a basic layer of whipped cream and a topper, like a bunny, chick, duck, tiny fence and grass, eggs, basket, flowers or a spring hat. Although it is quite difficult to decorate in this way, many people enjoy creating and showing their art as a cherished part of celebration.

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