Easter Decorations

Easter decorations 2

When the spring comes, we eagerly wait for Easter with fresh flowers, colorful eggs and party decorations to welcome the holiday with enthusiasm. Displaying some Easter decorations in your house and around the yard is the simplest way to welcome the guests and spread the joy.
Starting with small objects, decorate your kitchen with planters made from recycled jars, and make beautiful chicks from carton paper to decorate the walls. Follow the same technique in kids’ rooms by hanging crafts and placing toys, like bunnies and chicks, on their beds.


Decorating the living room and dinning room is very important for a neat, elegant house that blooms with spring colors. Using fresh flowers on the tables and mantels, with Easter-related statues, will achieve great displays. If other themes are required, egg garlands, bunny and bird toys, or Easter wreaths may help generating new looks. Making large sized centerpieces from dyed eggs, greenery, bunny statues, fruits or candy is surely an essential matter for a dinner party.


Outdoor Easter decorations complete the atmosphere that you’ve tried to draw. In this part, you have to use your imagination and find inspirations, especially if your porch/yard is big. The first thing you should do is hanging wreaths on the doors and windows, then arrange planters on the porch and the stairs. If you’re hosting a party and you need lavish display, try big kids toys in bunny, bird, or animal shapes.
The above plans can be followed for an outdoor Easter party, where you set up a big table and beautiful decorations on trees, fences or bushes.

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