Easter Dinner Ideas

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Easter is one of the most important holidays that Christians and Jews celebrate in family atmosphere, where many
traditional and new dishes are served. Due to the importance of Easter foods, we are starting now with quick Easter dinner ideas, then some detailed Easter recipes to be posted in the next topics.
A traditional Easter dinner may include roast ham, ribs or lamb as a basic dish, like Christmas turkey. The side dishes
include hard boiled eggs, served in many forms, such as meat loaf with egg stuffing, hard boiled eggs with creamy sauce,
pickled eggs, egg Nicoise salad, fried boiled eggs, egg pizza, etc.


Other side dishes vary according to the party style, which determines the type of dinner that should be served. Puff
pastry loafs make perfect side dishes, especially when they are stuffed with eggs, cheese, herbs, minced meat or chicken
and sauces. Making carrot and bunny shaped pastry is one of the greatest ideas for large buffets, while baked and roast
potatoes add a tasty style with herbs and sauces. Coming to the sweet part, Easter cakes, treats and cupcakes
are quite essential for a perfect dinner. You may serve some Easter cookies as well, but they won’t be as beautiful as a
bunny cake or large creamy cake in spring colors. Also making Easter treats from sweet rice balls and colorful fondant is a
quick and easy idea that kids and adults like.


At last, if you have not decided on the menu or decorations, the following photos will give you great ideas and you can
follow some of our recipes by clicking these titled links:

Brown Sauce Duck Salad With Cashews
Marinated Seafood Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad With Fruits And Pecans
Cherries As Olives
Chicken Layer Bake
Crispy Roast Potatoes
Cheese Baked Rice
Dirty Rice With Nuts And Dried Fruits
Baked Chicken
Seafood Recipes

Easter Dinner with Rosemary Roast Lamb, Scalloped Potatoes, Popovers and Cake Easter-dinner-ideas_4 Easter-dinner-ideas_5

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