Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunt ideas 6

Easter egg hunt is one of the best and most joyful activities for kids and adults. The kids love collecting colorful eggs from the yards and under the bushes while the mothers are watching and preparing the food buffet.
– To set up for an egg hunt, you need to decorate the house and yard using some balloons, signs and wreaths on the doors to tell everyone that you’re hosting a party and also to give clues about the hunt.


– The house should be decorated for Easter, in the same way you follow every year, or a bit lavish, in case of hosting a huge party.
– Set up the mantel décor, the centerpieces, the indoor wreaths on different positions and spread bunny or floral decorations on the tables and around the corners.
– Make enough space for the guests to sit and enjoy the party, and also a space for the food buffet.
– Separate the kids’ space from that you previously prepared for adults, as kids usually make noise and they like to play instead of chatting with one another.


– After finishing the home décor, get the baskets decorated for the hunt and then cut the signs for the hunt and clues. The signs are better made from cardboard, which you cut into chick and bunny shapes. You can buy elegant cards for the game, from any holiday store, or you can download and print some cards from the internet.
– The next step should be the invitations. They, too, can be bought, designed, or downloaded, and they should be sent before the holiday.


– Decorating the yard with bright, colorful items would be very nice, for the kids and the adults. Try to use flowers, plants, balloons, large bunnies made from carton paper, bunny and bird statues, handmade objects or even large displays around the yard. You can find many ideas in these topics:
Easter Decorations.
Outdoor Easter Decorations.


– After writing the clues, you should prepare the prizes. Try to buy them from the holiday store, and if they were just candy or desserts, try to introduce as much treats and desserts as you can, so the kids choose and feel spoiled.
– The last step is hiding the eggs. In this step you can use different eggs, like candy eggs, chocolate eggs, hard boiled eggs in pretty colors, or the common plastic egg that you buy from the store for an egg hunt. Try to place a large golden egg, or a big surprise to encourage the kids for competition on who will find it. You can set up many goals, like big bunny, golden egg, chick, spring flower, or any other items for more excitement.


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