Easter Monday

Easter Monday


Easter Monday is the day next to Easter Sunday, It is differently observed by the Christian cultures, and is also celebrated in different ways, but primarily observed and celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic cultures.

Easter Monday marks the beginning of “Easter week” or “The Bright Week”, and is known as “bright Monday”, “wet Monday”, “Dyngus Day” and “renewal Monday”.
These names actually symbolize how people observe Easter Monday. For some, it is a solemn day on which they remember Christ’s death and resurrection. While the “wet Monday” refers to the tradition of awaking siblings and spouses by pouring buckets of waters upon one another, the ‘Dyngus day” is celebrated in large polka festivals and feasts.

Easter Monday

Despite the significance of this day in the Christian symbolism, there is no biblical evidence on observing the day after Easter Sunday as it didn’t mention what exactly happened on it, and it doesn’t instruct followers of Jesus to celebrate in certain ways/rituals.

Easter Monday dates for next years:

– March 28, 2016.
– April 17, 2017.
– April 2, 2018.
– April 22, 2019.
– April 13, 2020.

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