Easter Sunday Ideas

Easter Sunday Ideas 1

Preparing for Easter Sunday is a nice tradition where family and relatives gather to celebrate the spring season with colorful eggs and decorations. These decorations may vary to include an indoor or outdoor party, but in all cases most people need creative ideas to dress up the party place.
Starting with the items that you can use for a lovely indoor lunch, centerpieces and flowers are the best to display on the dinning table and around the house. Using colored eggs, bunny statues in different sizes would help you make a variety of arrangement, especially if you use greenery, candles, dolls, toys, small nests, etc.


A perfect idea to make fresh decorations is using the Christmas tree and garlands, on which you hang small bunny toys, emptied egg shells in pretty colors and small birds. The white Christmas tree or garland will show the best look, or you can use white decorations for the green trees.
Speaking about wreaths, table settings, accessories and dessert bars; all these can serve inside and outside the house, but it is always better to keep the large sized items for the outdoor parties, to draw a festive atmosphere around the house.

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