Easy Appetizer Ideas

Easy appetizer ideas 4

Appetizers are the part we always adore in all meals, whether we are invited to a small party or a big dinner in a restaurant. Homemade appetizers for family, friends and parties show how you care of the meals and the taste of your guests too. Some may want easy appetizers to encourage their kids on healthy foods or lunch in general, and also to break the chilly weather in winter and autumn.

easy appetizer ideas

The appetizers I’m introducing today do not depend on certain recipes. I’m going to show you how to use the available foods to make nice appetizers in simple steps.
Speaking of cheese, veggies and eggs… they are available at any home, in addition to their cheap price and nutritious value. Using a mix of cheeses, basil and spices can give a wonderful base for bruschetta. Use thin tomato slices, lettuce and watercress/arugula, and don’t forget to mix the olive oil with the cheese or spread it on the toast.

tomatoes with creamy cheese appetizer

Cutting tomatoes into quarters, or emptying tomato halves, will allow a space for a delicious mix. Use the same cheesy olive oil taste with spices and celery cuts.
Use green olives to decorate the mix. You can also make a mushroom shape using eggs and tomatoes, by emptying tomato halves and boiled eggs. Use the egg yolk with cheese and olive oil for filling, then push each egg into one tomato half as shown in the photos below.

easy appetizer ideas

Another beautiful idea is cutting small watermelon pieces and introducing them with goat cheese or any mix of salt cheese you like.
Speaking of the cooked appetizers that suit winter weather, you can make fried shrimp, fried chicken stripes, meat balls, pane chicken, or any other simple you like.
These recipes always depend on adding flavor through the known spices, making them crispy, and introducing the appropriate sauces. Use mayonnaise, ketchup, yogurt with garlic powder, tahini, etc.

easy appetizer recipes

watermelon and creamy cheese appetizer

chicken stripes with creamy cheese sauce appetizer

Indian meat balls appetizer

crispy fried shrimp appetizer

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