Easy Cake Recipe

Easy Cake Recipe 1

This is an easy cake recipe for those who like orange cakes. You can use lemon juice and grated lemon peel to add flavor instead of the orange, or you can add your favorite flavors such as cocoa, coconut, raisins, etc.


– 2 glasses of all purpose flour
– 4 eggs
– 1 tbs of baking powder – or 1 small bag which you buy from the market
– 1 teaspoon of vanilla – you can also use 1 small bag
– ½ glass of corn oil or equal amount of butter
– ¾ glass of white sugar – or 1 glass if you want it too sweet
– ¾ glass of milk
– Grated orange peel – make it like minced peel or grind dry peels to obtain powder form

Easy cake recipe


– First of all, you should use all ingredients in room temperature. So, let them out of the fridge 2 hrs before mixing.
– Prepare a baking pan by greasing with butter and coating with flour, to prevent the cake from sticking to the bottom.
– The oven should be preheated to 180 degrees – usually 10 minutes before baking.
– Put the flour in a bowl and add the baking powder then mix well with a spoon. Make sure the baking powder is well mixed to give you a spongy texture.
– In a glass bowl, put the eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, and oil then mix on high speed using an electric whisk “mixing should be in one direction”.
– Keep mixing until the sugar melts and the texture becomes a bit creamy.
– Add the grated orange peel and mix then slowly add small amounts of flour while mixing until you finish the whole amount.
– If you see that it needs more liquid, add a few spoons of orange juice until you reach the desired texture “in case you are experienced”.
– Slowly pour the cake mix into the coated pan and place it in the oven at once.
– Never reduce the heat at the beginning of baking, you can only reduce it when your cake has already become high and in golden color. By then you can reduce the heat to 150 or less in order not to burn the cake.
– Cakes are usually baked on 180 degrees for 40 minutes, and you keep it longer when you see it needs more time.
– Use a knife to test the cooking, if the knife is clean with no liquid or dough traces on it, then your cake is done; if not, then keep it for 10 minutes and check again.

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