Easy DIY Outdoor Planters

Easy DIY outdoor planters 0

Decorating the porch, yard and other outdoor surrounding is very important for a good looking house, especially when the porch is furnished for daily use. Using flowers, planters, and elegant garlands is the best way to obtain a neat look in simple steps. Some people buy statues and planter urns with fresh or artificial plants while others prefer the easy DIY outdoor planters. The homemade planters can be easily made using jars, small fruit crates, clay pots, cans, containers, small barrels, or any other objects that you can paint and fill with soil and plants.


Starting with the small planters that you can place on the porch, old metal and glass jars make pretty environments for long-live flowers, and you can clean the jars or replace the flowers every week. Another lovely décor can be made using small baskets, like cookies and Easter baskets, which you fill with short leaf branches and flowers. This basket planter is better made without soil or wet, and both types of planters are suitable for summer and spring use.
Speaking about the large sized planters, there are creative and nice ideas in the below photos, which you can make from unused objects like a bicycle, wooden box, fruit crate, etc. These ideas are perfect for decorating the yard and house surrounding due to their big size. You can also use several objects, paint them and place them around the house in summer.

Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_2 Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_3 Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_4

Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_5 Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_6 Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_7 Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_8

Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_9 Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_10 Easy-DIY-outdoor-planters_11

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