Edible Easter Eggs

Edible easter eggs 2

Decorating the Eggs is the basic spring tradition, for a fun, enjoyable holiday. Many people use empty shells and ceramic eggs, to make decorative displays and centerpieces while others prefer to make edible Easter eggs as delicious treats for their kids and guests. The edible eggs come in many forms that you can buy from the market or make at home from boiled eggs, sweet rice, chocolate, candy, ice cream and fruit jelly. The variety of ingredients that you can use to make a single egg treat provides your family incomparable, round gifts, nested together for an entertaining holiday.


Among these photos, you will find great inspirations for colorful jelly eggs, often made with molds, and a variety of chocolate and sweet rice eggs that kids and adults love. A nice egg shaped Easter cake is also a creative idea for your dessert bar, with small egg treats baked in cupcake molds and large egg desserts on biscuit stands with colorful cream.
The salty treats can be made in several ways, but the most creative is to serve the pickled eggs or boiled ones, patterned in colorful strikes by the effect of smashed egg shells.

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