Elegant Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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We all love to eat chocolate covered strawberries as delicious treats, or finely prepared party desserts. With the different tastes coming from black and white chocolate, coconut, caramel, mixed nuts and flavored frosting, we fly high in the sky with each look and every bite.
So, if you are one of those naughty ladies who like to play with tastes and prepare exquisite desserts for her husband, or you are just a crafty lady who likes to serve light desserts in sophisticated themes, you will surely adore this topic.
In the photos below, I collected a variety of easy ideas for those who want to just dip-and-dredge, as well as more themes for parties and those who like to enjoy decorating.
Of course these ideas don’t only resemble homemade decorations. One could surely order them from any dessert store or buy them from the market at the holiday times.


I had a basic concept when I collected these photos. I was thinking of how to do pretty decorations in few steps, and most my selections inspired me for great results when I tried to dip in chocolate and dredge in nuts. The other steps were simple, but they needed experience in drawing precisely, in order not to spoil the already-hardened chocolate film.
You may find yourself working it slowly and carefully at the beginning, but once you do a few strawberries, you will love the job.
Most of the ideas I collected are suitable for parties, including the anniversaries, holiday parties, weddings and kids parties.

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Elegant-chocolate-covered-strawberries_10 Elegant-chocolate-covered-strawberries_11 Elegant-chocolate-covered-strawberries_12

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