Engagement Ring Styles

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Every woman feels great happiness when she gets engaged. For that special day, ladies try to choose the best style for their dresses and engagement rings. Our topic today is about engagement ring styles, brands and the varieties of diamond cuts. Engagement ring styles vary basically according to the era. For example, the antique engagement rings may come with multi-color and multi-cut diamonds, but the style is identified by the carvings or details.

I collected some photos to show diamond cuts, style names, and the most famous brands that make engagement rings.
The most famous brands include Tacori, Cartier, Harry Winston and few other well known brands. The designer engagement rings are the most fabulous among all styles and designs. They come with high quality diamonds and gem stones, to satisfy the tastes of those who like simplicity or those who love luxury.

Speaking about the cuts, as shown in the photo below, there are nearly 10 well-known cuts, or we can say that these cuts are considered the basic diamond cuts. Each cut is characterized by a certain number of faces distinguishing it from other cuts.



Engagement ring styles may also vary according to the ring, or the metal range design, if it doesn’t contain too many engravings; such as the simple solitaire, twist, halo and split-shank rings.

Speaking of modern and classic engagement ring styles, what distinguishes these two styles is just the era. Modern engagement rings come in the simplest forms, and they are often twisted or they come with square stone. The other designs are not dependent on the stone cut; they depend on the metal design as it comes in different shapes.

Unlike modern rings, the classic rings may refer to the old English style, or the designs that were known from earlier centuries. I included a few photos on each style below; you will find Victorian engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, Antique engagement rings, and Vintage engagement rings. Of course most of these are known as Antique rings, but I mentioned the names that distinguish each design.

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