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If you are invited to a big party, formal dinner or a special occasion, you certainly need to wear elegant accessories, which are different from those you wear for daily elegance. Expensive jewelry designs offer you a variety of fine accessories, made from different materials and beaded with brilliant stone and gem selections, to suit every occasion and match with your garments.
Among these accessories you can find white gold rings, trimmed with yellow gold ranges and beaded with colorful crystals. The fine colliers and large necklaces are also featured in many stores, so you can choose from silver or titanium necklaces holding precious stones, or heavy colliers coming with engravings, crystals and small pearls.


Expensive jewelry designs are not always so high in price. The term is just used to indicate the difference between them and other daily-elegance accessories, of which some are made from wood, silicon or plastic. In addition to the difference in materials and designs, they offer a great advantage, which is the possibility to wear them as bridal accessories, in case you precisely select the set.
Some can be used as work style, such as the turquoise and royal blue sets featured below, and the butterfly or flower shaped accessories. These accessories, despite their glorious look, suit meetings and formal women’s wear, as some may give a Victorian look due to their designs and colors.

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