The Extraordinary Resort And Spa At Lily Beach Maldives

Lily Beach Maldives

Lily Beach Maldives Resort & Spa.

Lily Beach Maldives is a luxurious 5 star resort and spa that we don’t see everyday. The location and design of this resort is truly amazing, especially with the splendid view of the ocean and the surrounding greenery. The place is perfect for spending vacations, to relax and relieve stress, and it also has great offers for honeymoons.
On the island, where Lily Beach Maldives is located, you will find everything you need.

Here is a list of what’s on the island:

– Beach villas.
– Lagoon villas.
– Deluxe water villas.
– Water suites on the sunset side.
– Tamara Spa.
– Sports center.
– Water sport center.
– Snorkeling center.
– Diving center.
– Lily MAA restaurant.
– Tamarind restaurant for Asian food.
– Turtles kids’ club.
– Aqua bar& infinity pool.
– The spirit bar and lounge.
– Vibes bar& pool.

Tamara spa at lily beach maldives

As you see, there are lots of places to enjoy a fantastic vacation, or lovely honeymoon in a privet lagoon or water villa. There is almost anything you may think of, on this island.
Speaking about your stay in Lily Beach Maldives, the villas are designed in nature-friendly themes, made all from high quality wood. The furniture inside includes elegant canopy beds, luxurious baths, comfortable sofas and chaise lounges.
The surrounding consists of pure blue water and greenery that you can enjoy on hammocks and lounges. The view around lagoon villas is absolutely breath-taking. There is complete privacy there – just you and the nature – and many people even recommended these villas for honeymooners.

Lily beach maldives Lagoon villa at lily beach maldives Beach hammock

beach villa at lily beach resort restaurant at lily beach resort Lily beach resort maldives Spa at lily beach resort

Canopy bed in water villa lily beach Canopy bed in water villa lily beach water villa bath at lily beach Bathroom at lily beach resort

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