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Fashion jewelry represents the stylish accessories that most women, teens and young girls like to match with their daily clothes, to look elegant and beautiful. They come in different designs that depend on the material they were made from and the colorful beads fixed on each piece. Fashion jewelry designs are either made by famous brands like Kenzo, Chanel and Christian Dior, or just manufactured from light materials that suit the daily use and common hangouts. Both may come in affordable prices, but in general, the brand name jewelry comes in high quality and prices.


As shown in the photos, some designs are made from metal while others are made from plastic. Although the plastic ones offer a variety of colorful, yet very light-weight accessories, many people recognize the metal jewelry as more valuable and elegant.
The advantage in metal jewelry is the possibility to look like gold, hold fine gems and come in great designs like letters or animal shapes. Some are even manufactured with engravings and fine details to look like expensive jewelry, which is good for work and special occasions.


The trendy jewelry includes bangles, rings, and necklaces. Each of these can be worn alone, or with other matches from a jewelry set. The bangles and bracelets are preferred for their colors and the tiny objects that hang all over the range. The rings and broaches may be worn for a colorful gem design or a lovely reflection from a single, big stone. The necklaces are quite different from those. They are very adorable due to holding different shapes, like large flowers, hearts, butterflies or any other design that a woman likes.


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