Floral and Mesh Spring Wreaths

spring wreath with pink flowers

A comfortable home is that which provides relaxation and beauty through its simplest features and scents. Spring wreaths are lovely decorations that bring tranquility and nice appearance to any place they are placed in. Some people would prefer to make their whole home decoration with flowers, than using accessories and artificial items. The best season to do that is spring, and using spring wreaths is a matter of creation to show mix of colors and scents through the lovely flowers.
The decorations can be made in easy and different ways to give you a wonderful looking home. But before staring this beautiful spring job, you should consider the type of flowers you are using and if the wreath is made only for spring or for Easter holiday. Easter wreaths may include more details and accessories while seasonal wreaths may depend only on the colors or on showing a soft, serene look.

Not only flowers are used for springtime wreaths, fabrics and twigged greenery are also simple elements for the creative housewife to use.
The twigs and greenery are found in all gardens and they are easy to bring, if they don’t exist in your surrounding. They are very affordable and you can grace the look with Easter eggs, flowers, cards, handmade items, etc.
The mesh seasonal wreaths are made the same way, of colorful fabrics and decorated with butterflies and flowers. Mesh wreaths are elegant; however they won’t take you into spring colors as much as fresh greenery and scented flowers.
Floral and mesh spring wreaths are decorated with flowers, letters, bird nests and butterflies to draw the best views within a twig wreath. Just making round shaped wreath from twigs, covering it with colorful, soft fabrics like organza or chiffon and then fix the decorations. A big butterfly or a hand-tied chiffon bow provides a magical look for the front door.


flower wreath

mesh wreath


Floral and mesh spring wreaths

floral and mesh spring wreaths

violet flower wreath

twigged spring wreath

front door spring wreath

simple spring wreath

pink flower spring wreath

pink flower wreath

easy DIY greenery wreath

simple greenery wreath

elegant greenery wreath

heart shaped wreath

spring wreath with violet flowers

greenery wreath with red flowers

white flower wreath

artificial green wreath


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