Almond Pine Cone Cheese Balls For Thanksgiving And Christmas

Almond pine cone cheese balls

Almond pine cone cheese balls are delicious appetizers that we usually make with cream cheese and mayonnaise, for the end-of-the-year holidays. Like other cheese appetizers, almond pine cones are served with crackers, bread sticks or toasted bread slices. The original recipe is made with any type of cream cheese, blended with a slight amount of mayonnaise, and flavored with seasoning or fresh herbs. Basic ingredients: – 1 package of cream cheese. – ½ cup of mayonnaise. – 1 tbsp of olive oil. – Fresh rosemary springs. – 1 cup of…

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Great Pancake Ideas

Great pancake ideas 0

Most of us like to enjoy warm pancakes in the morning, with syrup and fruits, but without a change in the recipe, it becomes quite boring. The common pancakes are basically made from flour, eggs and milk, as a simple, quick batter that everyone can prepare in the morning. Some people may like to try different types of flour, or include grains and bran, to increase the nutrition value. Another experiment of buckwheat, cooking cream, dried fruits, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, or fruit juices sounds quite cool. Most of these…

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Cheesy Bread Loaf

Cheesy bread loaf

Cheesy bread loaf is an easy way to make a light snack or appetizer, in which you use any type of cheese you prefer with chopped green onions and spices. It is similar to the garlic bread recipe, but in topic we will make it in a creative way to save time and add style to your buffet. In addition to cheese, you can use any other creamy-textured ingredients, like ketchup and cream cheese. You can also use sliced cold cuts on different positions, if you are going to make…

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Cherries As Olives

Cherries as olives 1

Cherries as olives is a Spanish recipe that spread quickly to America and become a favorite in the American cuisine. The recipe is also valid for other fruits, as blueberries give a fabulous taste when made in the same way. Of course you can serve this appetizer with a variety of dishes, but the best choice is toasted French baguette and low salt cheese, like mozzarella, cheddar, brie and goat cheese. Ingredients: – 500 gm of stemmed and pitted cherries. – ¼ cup of aged cherry vinegar “Spanish vinegar”. –…

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Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy garlic bread

Making cheesy garlic bread for your family, or to serve on a big buffet as an appetizer, is a great ideas to flavor up the meals. In addition to that, the Italian garlic bread is very delicious such that one can enjoy it as a lovely warm snack while reading a magazine or watching a movie. I don’t usually follow a specific recipe, as I make this bread in different ways depending on the additions I like. Basically, you can follow a simple recipe of minced garlic with olive oil…

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Puff Pastry Sandwiches

Puff pastry sandwiches

 Preparing puff pastry sandwiches is a nice idea for a delicious dinner or an extraordinary school sandwich. The whole idea came to me when I needed an actual change in the daily cheese sandwiches that I often make with white bread or toast, so I though of something in which I can use different ingredients and bake in half an hour. Ingredients: – Frozen puff pastry sheets. – Turkey or chicken slices. – Roast beef or cold cut slices. – Sausages. – Chicken pane. – Fried shrimp. – Your favorite…

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Stuffed Garlic Bread

Stuffed garlic bread

Stuffed garlic bread is one of the most delicious sandwiches that you make with a variety of ingredients according to your taste and also the occasion. For example, you can prepare it for a picnic, for a party, as an appetizer or just a snack to enjoy in winter. This lovely snack is better served warm, as the stuffing is usually made of cheese and herbs, cheese and vegetables, fried eggs or chicken stuffing. The varieties are endless, but in all cases it is better to serve it warm. Ingredients:…

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Quick Garlic Bread

Quick garlic bread

Quick garlic bread is an easy method to make oven toasted or skillet fried garlic bread with cheese and herbs. I thought of this way when I was making toasted cheese sandwich with olive oil and fresh thyme. This garlic bread recipe may require using thin, white bread instead of the common toast or French baguette as you may need to fry it in butter first. Ingredients: – 2 thin, white bread. – 4 tbsp of butter. – 2 tbsp of minced garlic. – ½ cup of chopped parsley. –…

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Schnitzel Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce

Schnitzel cheese sauce is one of the easiest sauces that you can prepare for many dishes, including pasta, French fries and meats. You can also use it a nice cheese dip with crackers, toasted bread and chicken popcorn. Schnitzel cheese sauce is a bit similar to Alfredo sauce, but this a lighter one in which I used tiny amount of flour and vegetable oil, so that you can distinguish and enjoy the cheese flavor. I personally love to serve this sauce with French fries and nuggets, an elegant cold cuts salad…

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