Banana Smoothie With Frozen Berries

banana smoothie with frozen berries 1

This banana smoothie with frozen berries is derived from my thick banana juice, which I often make before and after workout. I added frozen cherries for a better taste – actually compote cherries that I make by boiling cherries with sugar and little amount of water. My compote cherries are usually separated from the syrup as each are preserved in separate container in the freezer. The syrup is used with butter milk and to taste juices with cherry flavor, the fruit is used to top desserts and smoothies. Ingredients: 6 bananas,…

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Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry yogurt smoothie 0

Source : This recipe is great as easily digested source for nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidant flavonoids, calcium and some active bacteria found in yogurt. The light drink is important for body cells and maintaining immunity, and the active bacteria is good for the intestines and people with lactose allergy or milk intolerance as it basically eats “lactose” ..the sugar found in milk. Ingredients: – Low-fat yogurt “ about 250 ml or one cup “… preferably the plain Greek yogurt, which is more sticky and better than sweetened types.…

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Banana Yogurt Shake

Banana yogurt shake 0

Bananas are available all year long and many of us like to enjoy it as juice instead of its common eatable form. The availability of bananas provide us a variety of delicious, light drinks in all seasons as we can add the seasonal fruits and make the best mixes ever. This mix may be prepared every morning to provide the essential nutrients with kids’ breakfast. It can also be added to the morning cereals instead of milk, and then they will taste very appealing cereals. Banana-yogurt shake is one of…

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Kiwi Yogurt Smoothie

Kiwi yogurt smoothie

Source : This recipe is too simple, refreshing and suitable for quiet summer vacations. The original recipe is not for vegan diet, but you can make whatever you wish to drink vegan by using alternatives such as nut milk, oats or juices. Basic ingredients: – one cup of plain vanilla yogurt. It is optional to use common yogurt or Greek yogurt to thicken the mixture. – 2 ripe kiwis. – one table spoon of honey or sugar.   Optional ingredients: – ½ cup of nut milk, soy milk or…

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Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry banana yogurt smoothie

Source: As I stated the benefits of strawberries and yogurt in my previous topic, I will introduce another healthy addition to the yogurt smoothie in this topic…Bananas! Bananas supply the body with a number of nutrients and vitamins, with carbs and sugars of course, besides appealing to kids and adults. It is the best choice for a complete snack.     Ingredients: – Ripe bananas (one firm banana for 2 servings, and add more if you need). – ½ cup plain or strawberry yogurt (I prefer plain yogurt). –…

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Apple Yogurt Smoothie

Apple yogurt smoothie

Source : If you seek a smoothie for weight loss, this can possibly be your best choice. The apple-yogurt smoothie is one of the light, low calorie and nutritious smoothies you can take as a snack to fill up your stomach. The fiber content in apples works well with the Greek yogurt to make you feel full; then after your body gets benefit from the snack, you will stay energetic. The same smoothie can be introduced to toddlers as nutritious solid food. You can eat it as a healthy…

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Angel Food Cake Smoothie

smoothie angel food cake

Turning to follow a healthy diet is not usually easy, especially if you were used to eating sweets and desserts. This recipe is basically made to give a good taste and help many to begin following a healthy diet and make good habits. The recipe is based on yogurt, instead of cream and butter, and few other healthy additions such as fruits, nuts and honey ……. Read full recipe   Source  …

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