Elegant Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Elegant Chocolate Covered Strawberries 1

We all love to eat chocolate covered strawberries as delicious treats, or finely prepared party desserts. With the different tastes coming from black and white chocolate, coconut, caramel, mixed nuts and flavored frosting, we fly high in the sky with each look and every bite. So, if you are one of those naughty ladies who like to play with tastes and prepare exquisite desserts for her husband, or you are just a crafty lady who likes to serve light desserts in sophisticated themes, you will surely adore this topic. In…

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Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse Cake 2

Minnie Mouse cake has become a cherished birthday wish for every child. The beautiful appearance and wonderful designs of that cake makes a fancy birthday for kids and adults. A Minnie Mouse cake can be made in several designs, such as a 3D design taking the cartoon character shape, layered cake topped with ear-shape fondant and bow, or common cake holding Minnie Mouse drawing. All designs are shown in the photos below, and each idea is modeled in a few designs to inspire you for easier decorating techniques. As shown…

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Kids Cookies Decorations

kids cookies decorations

Kids cookies decorations are not always easy for most mothers to do. They sometimes seek simple patterns and ways to draw beautiful shapes, or just use cookie cutter/shaper then add colorful frosting. All these are good ways to obtain delicious, appealing cookies, but still not suitable for birthdays or kids’ parties. So, if you are hosting a kids’ party, celebrating your son or daughter’s birthday, or just want to surprise your kids with a lovely plate of cookies, here are brilliant ideas. The key behind preparing the perfect cookie plate…

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Simple Condensed Milk Sauce Alternative

Simple Condensed Milk Sauce Alternative 3

Condensed milk sauce is a nice creamy option for making dessert sauces and adding a special taste to many recipes. Since some of us may not find it as much in the markets, I tried my own recipe to make simple condensed milk sauce alternative for cakes, pancakes, biscuit cakes and few other desserts that I like to sweeten and flavor. My idea depends on using powder milk, honey and a tiny amount of water. You can increase the amounts as you like, because I noticed that my sister didn’t…

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Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter 5

Due to the modern lifestyle, not many would think it fun to sit around their porch turning some butter chunk to have homemade countryside butter. But one can’t deny how tasty and safe to make your own instead of buying it. The first thing you should consider is using fresh raw milk and not the packaged type. I say this because the fresh farm milk is rich in cream and doesn’t contain any preserving compounds, in addition to coming from grass-fed buffalos or cows, and that is the best quality.…

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Disney Cookies Decorations

Disney Cookies Decorations 6

Have you ever thought of Disney cookies decorations for kids’ cookies? It surely sounds creative and pleasurable for any kid, especially in parties and birthdays. A warm winter party with hot cocoa and many friends would also require a colorful, funny feature; that makes Disney cookies suitable for teens and adults parties too. Disney cookies decorations provide amazing ideas in colorful themes. They could be made in the simplest lines and colors, yet one who loves the cookie art will enjoy decorating many of them with all possible drawings. I…

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