Front Porch Hot Cocoa Party

Front porch hot cocoa party 3

If you are seeking something special to do with family and friends in winter, a lovely porch party with hot cocoa and milk sounds a great idea from ‘Celebrating Everyday Life‘.
Preparing the decorations for a front porch hot cocoa party is not a difficult matter to do, especially if you don’t mind vintage style accessories. A cozy décor could be made either in vintage style with statues and pink colored lace pillows, or just with the available home stuff that you can recycle.
Speaking of this inspiring party, old furniture, fabric spreads and sewed pillows are the basic features for the décor. A nice wooden bar, some old chairs, rustic table with elegant fabric spread are what you need for a very warm ambiance.
Using red poinsettia planters, printed ribbons, pine cones and small pine tree branches would light up the décor and make it pretty.

As for how to decorate the cookie bar and which sweets to introduce, the simplest and most desired candy is marshmallow. Marshmallows are highly desired with hot cocoa and other winter drink, so you can provide your guests a big variety of marshmallow tastes. If the party includes kids, it is always recommended to have their loved sweets on your bar, as they will feel bored other ways.
Small chocolate cones, biscuits, cookies, lovely winter cupcakes, milk, dark chocolate drinks and hot cocoa are the best for your magical bar.
Try to spread some decorations on each table/bar, and tie some printed ribbons around the chairs’ backs. Red colored decorations, for example bells ribbons, sheets and anything else that you have, are the most suitable to break the coldness of winter. If the house surrounding is not suitable for parties, due to wind or snow, try to make a covered area by fixing glass windows, wooden barriers or attaching thick fabric curtains all around the corner of the party. That way you will have a very warm corner where you can use after the party and enjoy some fresh air outside with the family.


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