Fruit Pizza

fruit pizza

Fruit pizza is often eaten as a snack, and sometimes as a dessert as it contains cream and fruits. The fruit pizza recipe is made with baked small pizzas, which is unhealthy sometimes. Instead, making it with pancakes that contain eggs and milk will result in a complete, vitamin-rich meal of high nutritious value.

You will need:
– Freshly cooked pancakes
– Your favorite mix of sliced or diced fruits
– Whipped cream or unsalted creamy cheese
– Slight amount of honey or your favorite syrup “only if you want to tenderize the texture of pancakes.

fruit pizza


– Prepare the serving platter.
– In a plate, put each pancake and cover with whipped cream or creamy cheese then hold carefully with a spatula and place in the platter.
– If you want tender pancakes, add a spoon of syrup slowly on the hot pancake and let it soak it before moving it to the platter.
– After you cover all pancakes with cream, start decorating each with fruits and add a final touch of grated coconut or crushed nuts on top to garnish.

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