Glam Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

Glam halloween pumpkin crafts 1

Glam Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

As we often like to display elegant pumpkin crafts on the mantels and dinning tables, in this topic I’m going to tell you the easiest ideas for glam Halloween pumpkin crafts. These crafts are better done with plastic pumpkins or faux gourds, to allow you keep your artwork for longer.
The meaning of glam is glimmering; this means that sparkling, painted pumpkins are the best to use for this work. I would recommend those which are made of China, but since you can’t stick beads on them, they are unsuitable.
See also how to make glittered pumpkins.


Choose smooth surface, even shaped pumpkins for the best results, as they would keep the stuck decorations on their surface.
Use liquid glue with a flat brush, flat-bottom rhinestone beads, glitter spray, metallic paint spray, fish scale beads, pearl necklaces and colorful fabric straps which you use for decorating clothes. You may also use tulle and lace straps with big rhinestone beads.
After spraying the pumpkin with paint or glitter, allow it to dry then use a small brush for the liquid glue, or use a fine brand of glue pen, and don’t forget to wear protective gloves. If you’re going to decorate in patterns, it is better to draw guiding lines on the pumpkin after it dries, then apply the glue on the required positions and stick the beads to generate the whole theme. After you’re finished, let the glue dry by setting the pumpkin on an old paper sheet in the air.

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