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Men consider beards and goatee styles as ways to express themselves, feel bold and have an attractive appearance. In fact, all beard and goatee styles look attractive; however, some may make them quite unique when they follow new, funky trends. In general, not only the hairstyles give a man his desired look. His facial hair is also important to complete the look, whether it is aimed to feel classic and neat, or funky and weird.

As women mostly like scruffy beards, and surely men would want a bold, appealing look to attract their special ones, here are some pretty elegant goatee styles made in their simplest forms like scruffy beards, chinstraps, and horseshoe mustache; or made in other bold styles to suit a more funky look.
The goatee styles I collected below show our favorite celebrities and their beards styled in different looks, especially those photos captured at Oscars and red carpet views.
There are more styles that you may like, in the photos below; such as sideburns, stubble beard, mutton chops, soul patch, and handle bar mustache. A few of these styles may not look lovely, but they commonly help you to choose the facial style that suits your character and general appearance.

Goatee styles are timeless; never conflict with age, nor related to certain fashion styles, and they surely don’t depend on skin tone or hair color. You just need to choose the style that suits your face features and your general character type, to get a good expression for yourself.



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