Gothic Eye Makeup For Halloween

In the previous topic, I showed Gothic makeup for Halloween, but I didn’t focus on the eye drawings that you can wear for a party. Of course the Gothic eye makeup is a wonderful trend, especially for young ladies, teens and some couples. The drawings are just perfect to show up in a stunning look in a party, or just among friends on the Halloween’s Eve.
In this topic, I’m providing some ideas that I dropped on by accident while searching for great eye make designs and face art. Most of these drawings can be done without the help of a professional, as they are quite easy and in just a few lines, you’re done.


The patterns are all in Gothic style, Shop Amazon – Women’s Halloween Costumessuitable for men and women, and suitable for most Halloween parties. You can view some simple drawings, basically in black lines with shades of purple, white, red, and dark blue. There are two designs for eye makeup with eyelash extensions, which are quite suitable for an exquisite look, especially for high school and college parties. Besides the man model that looked quite devilish, I added a simple diagram to help you drawing your eyes in two different shades, to show either a romantic look, or very bold eyes.

Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_2 Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_3 Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_4 Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_5

Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_6 Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_7 Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_8 Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_9

Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_10 Gothic-eye-makeup-for-halloween_11

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