Gothic Hairstyles For Halloween

Gothic hairstyles for halloween

Although gothic hairstyles are known for their romantic look, they can be very suitable for Halloween due to the variety of dark, unfamiliar shades. This collection of gothic hairstyles for Halloween shows us that not all looks should be scary and odd. Most of these hairstyles are in black and different shades of purple or blue, to resemble a mysterious, romantic look. This match wasn’t the best I could collect for sure, but showing a gothic style should happen through cold colors; unlike red or orange, which I showed in my previous topic “Vampire hair color ideas for Halloween”. I could also find cold matches between black and shades of pale burgundy, royal blue, dark blue, and pinky white. 


The mix of cold colors, romantic impacts and generally a dramatic appearance does perfect gothic hairstyles for Halloween. A few photos showed whole-hair dye in purple, baby blue, and one hairstyle in shades of petrol, bright blue and dark green. For me, these were the easiest choices for Halloween, if one wanted to show elegance within a mysterious look. The same colors suit teenage girls and med-age ladies as well, especially those who are invited to masquerade parties.

Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_2 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_3 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_4

Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_5 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_6 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_7 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_8

Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_9 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_10 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_11 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_12 Gothic-hairstyles-for-halloween_13

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