A Grande Baroque Wedding Reception By Colin Cowie

This grande baroque wedding reception by Colin Cowie is something that I dropped on by accident and decided to bring it here as I was astonished by its royalty and sophistication. The grande baroque pattern appeared clear in the pillars, staircases and the artistic engravings in the walls, made this reception like an old legend. Although the grande baroque pattern may give an ancient look, it could reflect merriness and joy from an artistic adventure among the golden color that dominated this wedding reception.


The more you view every detail in this theme, the more you realize how perfect the details were matched. With every piece of decoration, Colin Cowie showed that his creativity had no limited progress. The deep red in all flower bouquets and centerpieces stood gloriously to bloom from a garden of gold. With the taffeta-embroidered silk and velour table cloths, and grande baroque pattern on walls, table accessories, flatware, and candelabras… you could surely imagine the royal gates waiting for you with an enchanting music play from that big band.

A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_2 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_3 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_4 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_5 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_6

A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_7 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_8 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_9 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_12 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_14 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_15 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_16 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_17

A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_18 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_19 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_20 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_21 A-grand-baroque-wedding-reception-by-colin-cowie_23

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