Great Pancake Ideas

Great Pancake Ideas 1

Most of us like to enjoy warm pancakes in the morning, with syrup and fruits, but without a change in the recipe, it becomes quite boring.
The common pancakes are basically made from flour, eggs and milk, as a simple, quick batter that everyone can prepare in the morning. Some people may like to try different types of flour, or include grains and bran, to increase the nutrition value.


Another experiment of buckwheat, cooking cream, dried fruits, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, or fruit juices sounds quite cool. Most of these ingredients provide you an appealing convenience breakfast in shape of occasional feast.
Trying these ideas may, however, be easier when you just change the flour type and add the rest of ingredients on top with the syrup. Making colorful batter, like that needed for parties and holidays, is also a nice idea in which you can use fresh juices or flavored food coloring.


The biggest and most beautiful change that you can make in your pancakes is enjoying a wide range of salty pancakes for breakfast. These cute looking cakes often depend on vegetables or potatoes and eggs, with a tiny amount of flour, as basic ingredients. They are healthy, tasty and suitable for any meal.


Vegetable pancakes are also considered light meals for diabetes and heart patients, people who follow a vegan diet or kids who don’t like vegetables, as mixing different ingredients may encourage on eating veggies.
Grated zucchinis, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, light turkey meat, ground beef, shredded chicken, cooked livers, fish fillets, shrimp and many other ingredients can add a style and taste to these delicious patties, especially when you serve then with suitable sauces.



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