How To Grow Extremely Long Hair

How to grow extremely long hair

Growing extremely long hair is a common wish for every lady who likes to appear sexy and beautiful. But have you ever tried your best, and asked yourself why the results were not sufficient? The answer is probably “beauty starts from within”.
Growing long hair requires patience, good nutrition, low stress and hair care routine. Without balancing these factors, you won’t reach your goal, and you have to consider the genetic difference and age matter.
Your hair grows about 1.5 cm per month, and the hair strand is made from protein-coated by oils and fats that protect the hair shaft. So, the basic elements you should include in your diet is protein, and surely healthy fats. There are also different vitamins that promote healthy hair growth, and without all these elements, you won’t succeed.

How to grow extremely long hair

Grow Extremely Long Hair

Protein is found in meats, birds, fish, leafy greens, broccoli, nuts, eggs, milk, etc.
Healthy fats: fish, butter, milk, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados.
Vitamins: vitamin B, A, E, D, C, zinc and biotin.

Your sleep pattern and stress level have an important role as they may result in heavy hair fall, or pretty shiny hair. It is strongly recommended that you have 8 hours, early sleep to grow healthy hair.

Speaking about race, age and hair care routine:

Your age and genetics play a role in hair growth. Some women will grow long hair while others won’t, and it is all due to genetics. Also, young people usually grow healthy, thick hair while it becomes difficult as you grow older. Vitamins are essential in this case, to prevent hair loss.
Your hair care routine is one of the most successful methods to enhance the texture and appearance of your strands, even without vitamins. It is recommended that you do treatments every week, and better twice a week, without excessive washing. If you use the right ingredients for your treatment, it is guaranteed that you will grow very pretty hair.

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