Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Halloween chocolate covered strawberries

Halloween chocolate covered strawberries are easy treats to make for your family or to serve at your Halloween party. The nicest fact about Halloween chocolate strawberries is that you don’t have to draw frightful faces and such stuff. It is optional that you decorate with frightful drawings or just show some elegant art in which you use much of orange color. Drawing Jack-O-Lantern and ghost faces with black chocolate is the most common technique to follow, however a cake decorating pen does much of artistic, yet frightful work in short time.
Other than frightful themes, Halloween chocolate covered strawberries are better covered in orange, black and white then dredged in colorful candy pieces, grated coconut, crushed nuts or colored grated chocolate. You will see some elegant examples below, and surely they can be made for thanksgiving and fall season in general.

Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_1 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_2 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_3 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_4 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_5

Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_6 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_7 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_8 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_9 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_10

SAMSUNG OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_13 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_14 Halloween-chocolate-covered-strawberries_15

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