Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes 1

Halloween cupcakes are delicious desserts that we often make to enjoy with family, or serve on the dessert bar with other Halloween party foods. The cupcakes may be quite traditional, with simple orange frosting or whipped cream on top, or they come with big toppers resembling Halloween.
The following cupcake ideas are, in fact, my perfect choice for an amusing party. I carefully chose new ideas for kids’ cupcakes and other amazing shapes, for those who like to create pretty looks and leave an impact on their guests.


Most Halloween cupcakes come in black and orange, or at least hold these colors within the toppers. The fondant ghost face, chocolate owls, spiders or candy cats, pumpkins and skulls, are the most beautiful decorations to top your cupcakes. Some others come as small gravestones, tiny skeletons, creepy faces and bats. All these ready-to-use candy and chocolate toppers are available in holiday stores or big bakeries at the time of Halloween, and they are perfectly detailed in several colors to suit your party.

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