Halloween Front Porch Decorations

Halloween front porch decorations 2

There is no house with a front porch should be left without decorations during the holiday season. Most of us like to show the spirit of the season within each piece of décor, and hence your best option to display it is the front porch.
Halloween front porch decorations vary according to the whole theme you display in your home. If you use frightful decorations in, then it should be also frightful out, and vise versa.
The simplest way to decorate your front porch, if you don’t have time and want a quick décor, is using pumpkins and gourds. Different shapes of pumpkins, gourds, planters and an elegant wreath can achieve a magical appearance. All what you need is some colorful plant urns, dry leaves, big and small pumpkins, some brooms, and lovely wreath.


As for those who need a more mysterious look, they may try ravens, bats, witch’s cloak, brooms, hat and shoes.
A small tomb stone or two will help you, especially if you have a relatively big garden that needs decoration, they will connect the porch and garden decorations in elegance theme.
Regarding the theme connection, door and window decorations are simple to make and they easily match with the garden décor. You can use white cheese cloth and straw to make a live-size ghost for your yard, and enhance the look by drawing scary faces or themes on the windows and door.
The same technique can be followed with wreaths and garlands; simple put them around the doors, windows, wooden porch fencing and garden fence. After that use some fairy lights all around the garlands; with a few pumpkins and flower planters here and there, you are done with the perfect Halloween front porch and yard décor.









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