Halloween Hairstyles And Makeup Ideas For Women

For those who love to party, there is nothing better than showing their celebration in the best hairstyles and makeup colors, especially in holidays. The Halloween holiday is one of the important times that teens and young ladies wait for, all year long. This topic introduces some of the best looks to wear on Halloween 2013, where you can use makeup designs to show bold, scary and Gothic looks.

The makeup ideas include looks that depend on black eye shadow, the basic theme for Halloween, but some others depend on scary looks inspired from zombie and horror movies.
The hairstyles vary between the extremely classic that any woman would love for a romantic, old fashioned look; and the most modern, crazy looks that suit teens and young ladies.
All looks are great for all types of parties; you can enjoy a really spooky atmosphere or one fun night in old fashioned clothes and Marie Antoinette style.

Some of the featured Halloween hairstyles depend only on the colors, such as deep navy black, red, orange and blue. The red hues always give a devilish look with the navy black, which is known for vampire styles. The other colors are mostly appearing amongst the hair bangles, where one might like orange and light blue effects to match with her dress or seem like a new, funky trend. The fully colored hair is definitely a new trend, and mostly a funky style that young women like.
The white or silver hair color is also a new fashion trend for Halloween, but it might not be your best option if you would opt for dying instead of using removable colors.


Zombie Halloween makeup and hairstyle

Zombie Halloween face drawing and makeup

Gothic Halloween makeup and hairstyle

Marie Antoinette Halloween hairstyle and makeup

Old Egyptian Halloween hairstyles and makeup for women

Zombie Halloween makeup and hairstyle

Shaggy Halloween hairstyle for women

Vampire Halloween makeup and hairstyle for women

Zombie Halloween makeup and hairstyle for women

Halloween makeup and hairstyles for women

Vampire Halloween makeup and hairstyle for women

Funky orange Halloween hairstyle for women

Halloween makeup and silver hairstyle for women

Funky blue Halloween hairstyle for women

Gothic makeup and hairstyle for Halloween


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