Halloween Makeup Ideas

 This is a quick topic that shows Halloween makeup ideas for teens and young ladies, including some Gothic looks to suit the parties. The Gothic makeup showed red, black, green and purple shades drawing elegant and creepy designs, although two of these looks are elegant and sophisticated. The other makeup designs came as simple as one can does them at home without any help from professionals. They mostly suit teenage and college girls as two looks showed pretty leopard and cat face while one looked like a zombie doll and the other was so friendly.
The remaining Halloween makeup ideas showed simple dia de los muertos makeup, which all women can do it at home.
The ideas were not as much, but actually they can show every lady how to choose the suitable makeup for the party she is attending, and how to celebrate in different styles.

Halloween-makeup-ideas_1 Halloween-makeup-ideas_2

Halloween-makeup-ideas_3 Halloween-makeup-ideas_4 Halloween-makeup-ideas_5 Halloween-makeup-ideas_6

Halloween-makeup-ideas_7 Halloween-makeup-ideas_8 Halloween-makeup-ideas_9 Halloween-makeup-ideas_10


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