Halloween Treats

When the Halloween is coming, we enjoy preparing Halloween foods and desserts, which surely include Halloween treats for friends and neighborhood kids. Sweet treats could take several shapes and beautiful designs, depending on your skills, experience and time. They also depend on the type of party you’re hosting, or how many kids you’re going to treat.


The easiest way to make Halloween treat is to use kids’ candy, nut bars, fondant, and rice cereals. All these elements can help to shape some treats quickly.
You may also make small cake pops that you cover with chocolate, liquid frosting or fondant, then put in the freezer for 30 minutes before serving.
Small cake pieces covered in fondant, caramel rice cereal balls, small cookies, pumpkin cupcakes, candy corn and salty crackers, and pretzels are all types of Halloween treats that you easily prepare in short time and serve on your dessert bar or pack for the neighborhood kids.

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