Hamilton Beach Programmable Cool-Surround Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Programmable Cool-Surround Slow Cooker

Everyone hates the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” Slow cookers solve this dilemma that every family faces on weeknights. With a slow cooker in your cooking arsenal, coming home to a hot, table-ready dinner is as simple as adding ingredients in the morning.

A slow cooker brings a “no-watch” convenience to preparing meals, but many worry about the hot exteriors when picking up the appliance. The Insulated Programmable Slow Cooker has this problem solved. Its base is insulated to help keep most of the heat on the inside, where it’s needed most. Along with its cool design, the Insulated Programmable Slow Cooker is equipped with a nonstick removable pan that goes on the stovetop for easy browning. More lightweight than traditional stoneware, the aluminum insert pan offers cooks the benefit of fast, even heating on the stovetop and eliminates the need to clean a second pan afterwards.

Not only is the Insulated Programmable Slow Cooker full of smart ideas to make life easier, it was also designed with simple programmability in mind. An intuitive control panel makes setting the time and temperature a simple matter of pressing a few buttons, and the cooker’s even heating performance ensures that meals come out the way you want them to: tender and delicious.


Insulated base has cooler sides than the leading competitor
Cool-touch base handles
Nonstick pan removes for easy browning and searing on the stovetop
6 quart aluminum insert pan fits a 6 lb. chicken or a 4 lb. roast
Reduced energy consumption; our most energy-efficient slow cooker
Simple programmability with +/- buttons for temperature and large, easy-to-read heat buttons for OFF, HIGH, LOW & WARM
The glass lid is dishwasher safe and the insert pan is nonstick so baked-on foods are wiped away easily
Wraparound, even heat cooks food evenly and consistently
Questions are supported by a toll-free call center located in the U.S.
Backed with a one-year warranty

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