Healthy Halloween Treats

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Healthy Halloween treats are the best options to introduce for kids and friends during your Halloween party. They are quick and easy to prepare, unlike other Halloween foods, snacks and candy. You can even use small cereal bars, granola bars, bananas, frozen yogurt, mandarin, apples, brown toast and cottage cheese. The fruits are easy to cut/carve, and you can use crushed nuts, peanut butter, frozen yogurt, raisins and vegetables to decorate the fruits or prepare a delicious dip for celery stalks and carrot chunks.

Banana and yogurt Halloween treats Celery and turkey Halloween treats Healthy cheese broomsticks for Halloween

Crispy rice Halloween treats

Crushed nuts and caramel Halloween treats Healthy pumpkin bars for Halloween Healthy Halloween treats

Chocolate apple treats for Halloween Healthy Halloween treats Healthy Halloween treats

Rice balls Halloween treats

Apple and peanut butter treats Healthy treat bars Halloween treats Apple marshmallow

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