Easter Dinner Ideas

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Easter is one of the most important holidays that Christians and Jews celebrate in family atmosphere, where many traditional and new dishes are served. Due to the importance of Easter foods, we are starting now with quick Easter dinner ideas, then some detailed Easter recipes to be posted in the next topics. A traditional Easter dinner may include roast ham, ribs or lamb as a basic dish, like Christmas turkey. The side dishes include hard boiled eggs, served in many forms, such as meat loaf with egg stuffing, hard boiled…

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Easter Buffet Ideas

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Setting up an Easter buffet depends basically on the type of party or celebration. Most people think of Easter dinner ideas, but such foods may not suit kids parties or an Easter brunch ‘for example’. The second reason for a careful menu selection is the timing of celebration… the spring, which means to go fresh and simple. The basic Easter buffet ideas depend on eggs, light foods, cold cuts, roast meats, shrimp, fruits, appetizers, pastry and several kinds of salads. It is like preparing a big brunch or cold breakfast…

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Easter egg hunt is one of the best and most joyful activities for kids and adults. The kids love collecting colorful eggs from the yards and under the bushes while the mothers are watching and preparing the food buffet. – To set up for an egg hunt, you need to decorate the house and yard using some balloons, signs and wreaths on the doors to tell everyone that you’re hosting a party and also to give clues about the hunt. – The house should be decorated for Easter, in the…

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Easter Candy

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There is no doubt that during the spring holiday, kids expect more than an Easter egg hunt party. One of their favorite requirements for an enjoyable holiday is the Easter candy. Easter cupcakes and treats are also classified as candy, but not very common to be gifted within a small basket like chocolate bunnies, candy eggs and sweet treats. The homemade candy is surely different and quite special for the kids, as they enjoy seeing their parent preparing and shaping the candy in many forms. The best store-bought candy varies…

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Personalized Easter Baskets

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As we all know, kids feel happy to receive Easter baskets full of candy, toys, eggs and chocolate bunnies. With all these gifts inside a nice basket, kids feel surprised while discovering the mysterious items that you placed inside. Personalized Easter baskets are also joyful and cherished, as they represent how much affection and love we hold for our own kids and relatives. These baskets are often used to hold gifts or eggs during the egg hunt activity. A traditional basket wrapped with colorful fabrics on which a kid’s name…

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Easy Easter Crafts

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Easter is approaching and I’m sure that many are preparing for kids parties, colorful home decorations, and Easter crafts, so I thought of collecting some ideas that you can enjoy with kids, yet use as indoor and outdoor Easter decorations. These easy Easter crafts are made from recycled cans, old baskets, wooden frames, small plant pots, plastic vases, old fabrics and empty egg shells. The tools you may need are just scissors, glue, colors, yarn, needles, buttons, old decorative fabrics or lace embellishments, wooden sticks, colorful ribbons, etc. Besides the…

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Easter Images

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If you’re searching for simple backgrounds or beautiful themes to be used before the Easter holiday, here are some Easter images that you can print and use as cards, or just download to your computer. The images include beautiful spring wallpapers, colorful eggs, cute bunnies, lovely chick in egg and one Disney card that kids would surely like. the printable images are suitable for many purposes, like decorating crafts, kids drawings, Easter cards, kids party decorations, backgrounds, and any DIY Easter décor. Other than printing and posting, these Easter images…

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Easter Cookies

Easter cookies 3

Baking cookies and preparing desserts is one of the best traditions in all holidays. It allows us to enjoy quick desserts and delicious snacks, especially when these cookies are well decorated and served in a party. Easter cookies hold some of the most beautiful decorations that one can ever make. After Christmas cookies, they rank number 2 in the pretty appearance, as they usually hold very colorful drawings and decorations. Most Easter cookies are made in egg or bunny shape, with many lines and details that resemble similar patterns to…

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Easter Coloring Pages

Easter coloring pages 14

The Easter holiday includes many activities, like egg coloring, egg hunt, celebrating the party while eating treats with friends and also spending some time crafting colorful objects and coloring pages. Following my previous topic that included Easter egg coloring pages, I decided to collect some more printable pages that kids like. The pictures are all about beautiful flowers, bunnies, plants, eggs, and baskets with funny prints and many details that all kids can color and enjoy. I also collected some Disney themes that your kids will love, and by printing…

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