Water Beads Decorations

Gel water beads decorations 0

During the different seasons, we think of easy ways to decorate our houses, especially on the holidays, during parties and when we invite guests for dinner. Water beads, or water crystals, are the simplest aids in home decorating and creating elegant displays. In addition to being environment-friendly, they are pretty gel marbles that I personally adore and use much for arrangements and centerpieces. Water beads decorations are easily made with flowers, floating candles, decorative crystals or small objects. All these items can be combined for a majestic display inside a…

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Simple Outdoor Spring Decorations

Simple outdoor spring decorations 14

Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth of everything, so it is the perfect time to decorate your house and its surrounding with fresh flowers and colorful objects. To draw a cheerful atmosphere, you may need to spread simple outdoor spring decorations, like planters, signs, door decorations, wreaths or even large displays in your garden. These decorations are supposed to give a nice look and say ‘welcome’ to your guests. The simplest outdoor spring decorations are window stickers, hanging flowers and wreaths, welcoming signs and other porch decorations. All…

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Flower Centerpiece Ideas

Flower centerpiece ideas 0

Everyone likes to come to a nice, comforting place after a long day of work. One of the simplest means of comfort and relaxation is to spread rose petals and place flower vases on the tables and in every room. By viewing the flower centerpiece ideas below, you will be able to do magnificent arrangements in creative ways, using the available stuff in your house. I collected many ideas that depend on using elegant hand-painted teapots, glassware and a lovely 3-tyer cake tray. These objects are supposed to give a…

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Stunning Berry Centerpieces

Stunning berry centerpieces 0

Making some berry centerpieces for every holiday is a creative matter that many people enjoy. The used materials are always affordable and the berry branches could be found all year long either in a neighboring forest, or a holiday store. Using fresh berry branches is very common with dinning table centerpieces and Christmas decorations. Although the currant branches are considered the best to grace any arrangement, people always create displays with all kinds of fresh berries. Fresh berry centerpieces have become a lovely trend such that blackberries and raspberries are…

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Fall Table Settings

Fall table settings 1

 During the fall season, every family starts to set up warming decorations, waiting for the Thanksgiving. The most important part in these decorations is the table settings, as many would love to invite people for the holiday meal. These fall table settings were made to suit all season’s occasions, such as Thanksgiving, a lovely lunch party, and even a small wedding. The tables were decorated with simple, yet elegant accessories such as pumpkins, wheat grass, pine cones, berry branches, flowers, autumn leaves and scented candles. The pretties wedding tables showed…

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Stunning Fall Decorations

Stunning fall decorations 0

 Autumn always grants us a variety of colors to make stunning fall decorations. Imagining a pretty garland made from autumn leaves in dark green, yellow and orange brings us freshness and tranquility. The same happens when you try creating a lovely display to decorate your mantel with candles and pumpkins, among which china accessories are gloriously arranged. Wreaths and door decorations that you can make from autumn garlands, fall leaves, pine cones, acorns and fresh fruits or veggies of the season … are really unique fall decorations. Besides their elegant…

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Fall Pumpkin Decorations

Fall pumpkin decorations 8 e1414990403260

 Pumpkins and gourds are the basic items to use for Thanksgiving and fall decorations in general. Their warm, orange color draws us great displays with the fall scents and colorful autumn leaves. Fall pumpkin decorations can be made in many ways. Each way allows you to make many objects, wreaths, or centerpieces to be used during the season. Starting with the decoupage pumpkins, they are the best crafts you can do to decorate your house, without worrying about the budget. Any ribbons, unused fabrics, and glue can be used to…

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Bird Cage Decorations

Bird cage decorations 15

I never liked bird cages, but when I accidentally viewed these elegant bird cage decorations, I thought it was a brilliant idea to use them for seasonal décor. Of course many people have at least one old bird cage which they no longer use. Such useless piece could be turned into lovely art instead of just occupying a place in the attic or garage. In the photos featured below, I collected simple bird cage decorations, to inspire you on how to make them and for which occasion can they be…

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Outdoor Spring Decorations

Outdoor spring decorations 9

After the cold season has gone, our garden needs some care during this lovely, flourishing spring through warm and inviting atmosphere. Outdoor spring decorations provide the relaxing ambiance that most of us need for the Easter and spring season. The decorations vary according to the individuals’ tastes and their different needs from their yard. Some people need tranquility, where they can escape from the stressing life and read a book with a slow music track, or finding the same comfort on a large couch or reading chair on their porch.…

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