Honeymoon Vacation At Lily Beach Resort Maldives

Honeymoon Vacation At Lily Beach Resort Maldives 1

Our previous topic was about Lily Beach Resort Maldives, showing the places and activities on the island, but this one is all about the luxury villas and spa. I intended to show the villas, in particular, for honeymooners and people who seek peace, happiness and ultimate relaxation. . They are not far from the spa, and you can go anytime enjoy a massage, where there is just you, the sea and sky. At Lily Beach Resort Maldives, there are different types of villas that suit couples and families. The big suites…

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The Extraordinary Resort And Spa At Lily Beach Maldives

Lily Beach Maldives

Lily Beach Maldives is a luxurious 5 star resort and spa that we don’t see everyday. The location and design of this resort is truly amazing, especially with the splendid view of the ocean and the surrounding greenery. The place is perfect for spending vacations, to relax and relieve stress, and it also has great offers for honeymoons. On the island, where Lily Beach Maldives is located, you will find everything you need. Here is a list of what’s on the island: – Beach villas. – Lagoon villas. – Delux…

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Five Star Resort Experience In Reethi Rah Maldives

Reethi Rah Maldives

Spend an absolutely fabulous and unforgotten vacation in Reethi Rah Maldives, a luxurious 5 star resort that is located on an atoll in north Male. The resort is considered one of the most beautiful places that you should visit for relaxation. It includes almost everything you would wish for; a fabulous design, the perfect retreat and very luxurious villas that overlook the ocean. The ocean villas in Reethi Rah Maldives: In Reethi Rah Maldives, each villa is surrounded by a wooden deck over the ocean, with big mesh hammock, dining…

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15 Wondrous Caves From Around The World

15 Wondrous Caves From Around The World 2

When the word ‘cave’ comes to mind, probably most of us will imagine a dark, creepy place where no one would desire to be inside. On contrary, this topic will show you 15 wondrous caves from around the world, and I’m sure you will spend your nights dreaming of a nice visit inside each. Despite the crawlies, bats, sand or dampness, these caves are just breathtaking and many of them are thousand years old, if still not aged to 190 million years like the Reed Flute Cave. One of the…

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See Paris From A Camera On An Eagle’s Back

See Paris From A Camera On An Eagle's Back 3

If any of you have once traveled to Paris, they probably have been up to the Eiffel tower and saw the city from above, but it is sure that nobody has ever flied over the city like an eagle. This is one of the most special events ever published to the worldwide… Seeing Paris from a camera on an eagle’s back! The event started with a white tailed eagle with a SONY camera fixed on its back, and while a huge crowd is waiting to see the magnificent event; its…

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