Easy DIY Outdoor Planters

Easy DIY outdoor planters 0

Decorating the porch, yard and other outdoor surrounding is very important for a good looking house, especially when the porch is furnished for daily use. Using flowers, planters, and elegant garlands is the best way to obtain a neat look in simple steps. Some people buy statues and planter urns with fresh or artificial plants while others prefer the easy DIY outdoor planters. The homemade planters can be easily made using jars, small fruit crates, clay pots, cans, containers, small barrels, or any other objects that you can paint and…

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Beautiful Seashell Crafts

Beautiful seashell crafts 5

If you are one of those crafty people who like to collect seashells and make decorative objects, you will surely enjoy this topic and find great inspirations within the following photos. The easiest ideas use large seashells, which you fill with a small amount of wax and a short piece of yarn in each, to make decorative candles when the wax hardens. You can also make scented candles and apply the same concept with other seashell crafts by spraying flower scents or perfumes on the inner side of shells before…

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Creative DIY Tire Decorations

Creative DIY tyre decorations

If you like to do summer crafts from recycled materials, here are some creative DIY tire decorations for spring. I tried to collect several ideas, so that you can use any size of old tires you have. The ideas include tire fish bond, tire flower planters, tire seats, tire stools, tire table, tire swing, kids play chairs and animal shapes. The creative DIY tire decorations are easy to do with suitable ropes, colorful paint, supportive wooden sheets, etc. With simple colors and appropriate tools you can get the best back…

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Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower invitations

Baby shower invitations are either designed and printed or handmade, to invite the guests to a party that parents hold in expectation of a baby. The baby shower tradition was originally held in celebration of the first baby, to share the wisdom and knowledge of being a mother. The tradition is now a bit different and it widely known in the United States and few other regions. Nowadays, baby shower parties are made to celebrate the birth of a new baby with friends and family, and to receive gifts that…

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Decorative Crochet Crafts

decorative crochet crafts

Decorative crochet crafts have been used widely to decorate everything in our homes. So, if you are one of those ladies who love to weave pillow covers, bedspreads, lamp shades and window curtains, you will surely like the following ideas. The creation in Decorative crochet crafts never stops at pillow covers and bedspreads, it extends to beautiful floral shapes in fascinating colors to cover the coffee tables and give a nice look to your flower vases. You may also weave a small bracelet, mobile phone cover, cute apple holders or a…

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Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet baby blanket 4

Most mothers like to buy crochet baby blankets among their baby’s essentials. Some mothers even like to weave colorful patterns in more than one blanket for their beloved babies. The reason why they like a crochet baby blanket more than other types of quilts and baby covers, is that crochet blankets are often light, protective and easy to use. Even when they buy or weave a blanket for winter use, they can find the suitable thickness as some blankets are made in two layers and some are woven from thick…

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Cookie Packaging Ideas

Cookie packaging ideas 17

If you like homemade cookies and gifting holiday baskets to your neighbors and friends, you will surely need easy cookie packaging ideas. Your entire beautiful work could be wasted when you spend too much money on buying expensive baskets and other boxes. For that reason, you might need some DIY ideas, carton boxes and other creative packaging stuff. Cute baskets and printed carton boxes are found in any store. They come in many designs to allow you variety of shapes and prices as well. The other means of packaging would…

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