10 Step Speed Clean For The Refrigerator

Speed clean for the refrigerator

We all know that refrigerators can get clattered in a single day. In addition to the many goods, bottles and food boxes, having a full refrigerator makes it difficult to clean it inside, which can develop bacteria and fungi in that cold, dark and wet environment. In this topic, I’m solving some of your problems with these 10 step speed clean for the refrigerator. This technique may take around 30 minutes, up to 1 hour or more, depending on the size of your fridge, the amount of foods inside, and…

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How To Take Care Of Granite Countertops

How to take care of granite countertops

Taking care of granite countertops includes daily cleaning, stain flushing, sealing, and seasonal maintenance. If you consider these simple techniques, you will surely maintain any granite surface in your house. Daily cleaning of granite countertops: Make sure to dust the countertops with a piece of cloth, in case of no regular use, and wipe them with a wet cloth to keep them clean and shiny, in case of the light use. If you do most of your kitchen work on the granite countertop, it will surely need to be wiped…

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How To Clean Granite Countertops

Granite countertop cleaning

Cleaning granite countertops has become an issue for most ladies. At first, it sounds like wiping the tables or the ceramic walls, but when you start the actual job, you find unpleasant results that depend on the use soap or cleaner. So, how to clean granite countertops? The common technique of cleaning granite countertops is using warm, soapy water and a soft sponge with a microfiber cloth. You simply dip the sponge into the water and wipe the countertops then rinse the sponge with water and clean the remaining foam…

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How To Clean Granite

How to clean granite

About how to clean granite, the ways of cleaning granite surfaces differ basically according to the stains and then according to the type of surface or granite quality. Daily base cleaning require a dry or wet wiping with a microfiber cloth while stains and spot cleaning may need extra solutions, either those made especially for cleaning granite, or the simplest homemade ones. Scroll down for 3 easy techniques and homemade granite cleaners. Before I mention the homemade cleaners, take these basic granite cleaners for certain types of stains: – White…

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Cleaning Granite Countertops

Cleaning granite countertops

Our topic today contains simple, but very important tips about maintaining and cleaning granite countertops, floors and furniture accessories. Granite is a super beautiful stone, usually forming from volcanic magma, and used widely for kitchen countertops, buildings, floors and even furniture accessories. The fine, polished kinds of granite often need special handling and delicate cleaning methods, in order not to break or scratch the stone surface. The methods and tips that I will mention below are suitable for countertops and floors, so you may follow the same techniques for all…

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How To Clean Windows

how to clean windows

Windows are the most things that get dusty and dirty all the time, so cleaning them is usually considered a basic task whether you live in a house or an apartment. Instead of being energetic and happy while cleaning these windows, you may feel a huge burden within the number and size of windows, in addition to how dirty they are. My simplest way for cleaning small apartment windows is as follows: – Using water, 2 small buckets, some drops of liquid soap, a hand-size cleaning sponge, and drop towels…

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How To Clean Your Blender

How to clean your blender

About how to clean your blender, it is not actually a big deal for many ladies, but I recently found some questions from my friends who don’t know the right way to clean a blender. Cleaning a blender is not necessary, if you are used to wash it well each time you use it. For ladies who are always in a hurry completing chores, working, cleaning the house and taking care of kids, it is an essential matter. There are several ways to clean the blender, like washing it with…

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Daily House Cleaning Schedule

daily house cleaning schedule

A daily house cleaning schedule is not something that you just download and follow. In cleaning matters, it usually helps to get an advice from another, but this shouldn’t be your only option and still the cleaning schedule is best made by yourself. This conclusion I reached after a long search for daily house cleaning schedules and tips, where the tips actually helped a little but when I read the schedules I discovered that the cleaning depends on a few matters … the size of your house, the surrounding environment,…

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Homemade Silver Cleaning Solution

silver cleaning with baking soda

Silver cleaning has been my issue for a few years. I tried to wash them with different kinds of whitening face soup and I was not a fan of chemical solutions that I found in stores. One day I discovered a great cleaner by accident, and since then I’m using it for all silver objects, rings and stuff. But before you feel interested in this cleaner, always remember to never let the silver rings and small object for long in this solution because it erodes the outer film of silver…

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