20 Dream Garden Bathroom Ideas For Gorgeous Bath Experience

20 dream garden bathroom ideas for gorgeous bath

20 Dream Garden Bathroom Ideas For Gorgeous Bath Experience The bathroom is one of the most important places in your house, so it has to be something that helps you bathe in a relaxing atmosphere. Creating that kind of peace and relaxation requires either good decoration, or populating with plants. A garden bathroom is great option, whether you live in a small apartment or a big, luxury villa. 12 Cool DIY Ideas To Decorate Your HomeDecorative Wall Murals Luxury Stone BathtubsMost Beautiful Bedspreads For All Types Of Homes So, what is…

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Modern Garage Designs That You Should Never Miss

Modern garage designs that you should never miss 16

With these modern garage designs you will be able to transform your parking area into a piece of work. Most of these garages are wide and luxurious, but don’t worry as I included a few space-saving models like a simple carport design and a wonderful underground parking. Beginning with the prettiest designs, I bet you recognized a plane among the photos! It is not actually a plane, but in fact a wonderful 3D design on a garage door! Opened garages and modern garage doors with 3D designs are the most…

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Luxury Underground Home Parking Solutions

Luxury underground home parking solutions

Most people use their garages to store items like boats, bicycles, gardening tools, sports equipment and things that they can’t place in other rooms. Gradually, the garage becomes a crowded place that is, unpleasantly, not enough to park the cars. Today, I’m going to publish great ideas for those who have a limited parking area, yet like living in style. These luxury underground home parking solutions are space saving and suitable for different places, whether you are living in a villa or just a nice building with a small yard.…

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Unicorn Pool Floats That You Should Never Miss

Unicorn Pool Floats That You Should Never Miss 1 1

Who doesn’t dream of riding a unicorn in a fairytale? Or the winged horse, Pegasus? But when I speak of riding in your own swimming pool, it sounds quite cool with these giant, inflatable unicorn pool floats. Unicorn pool floats have become available for everyone, to spice up the summer and spread the fun. They are mostly big in size, light in weight and they fit for two average-sized persons. There are two or three modes available in the stores, but the most beautiful is the white and gold, winged…

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Rooftop Pools

Rooftop pools 2 e1419125261454

Those who want to relax are surely searching for special and extraordinary ways to relieve the tension and spend their limited time in quiet atmospheres. Rooftop pools are considered one of the most effective ways for relaxation and making a good use of the available space on your roof. In this topic, I tried to focus on the permanent luxury, instead of just writing a review about a faraway island vacation or a famous resort. I thought of what the people need to design their own houses, enjoying every piece…

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DIY Outdoor Planters

DIY outdoor planters 2

There is nothing much better than enjoying your handmade patio accessories and garden planters in the summer. The DIY outdoor planters are not just easy-to-do crafts for the summer season. They can bring all the flowers’ bloom to your porch, garden corners, windows, and doorways. They provide you two additional advantages; the ability to use certain planters and the free choice for your favorite flowers. Planting your favorite flowers on the porch or around the patio furniture pleases the whole family and brings relaxation. Likewise, using handmade planters, small urns,…

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Indoor Outdoor Carpet

Indoor outdoor carpet 1 e1406044425342

An indoor outdoor carpet is a type of carpets that you can use either inside your house or outside for the porch or garden. While indoor carpets are often made of wool or silk, the indoor outdoor carpets are made from artificial materials such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene, to withstand nature conditions like sunlight, rain, snow, and dirt. They are easier in cleaning and their texture is usually rough, unlike the indoor rugs which come with soft texture. The ease in cleaning makes the indoor outdoor carpet a great…

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Island Juice Bar And Beach Bar Designs

island beach bar

Following my other topic about juice bar, I found these island juice bar and beach bar designs that many would like. They will surely inspire small business bar on one of the famous tropical islands or local beaches. As we see the beach bar designs are not too big or lavish in decorations. They take the simplest hut shapes and they are often made of wood or bamboo with a palm leaf and straw topping. They may look a bit like Tiki bars, but island juice bar and beach bar…

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Exquisite Patio Furniture

Exquisite patio furniture 1

Outdoor patio furniture is the best to use for your summer garden or if you live by the sea and like to relax in the fresh air. Patio furniture is also known as garden furniture, garden sofa, daybed, and sun bed. The furniture includes chairs, sofas, and in many designs a small table. The exquisite patio furniture designs appear mostly in sun beds and day beds. They come in curvy designs and you may find a cute bed with an umbrella or inclined protective top against the sunlight. There are…

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