Homemade Butter

Due to the modern lifestyle, not many would think it fun to sit around their porch turning some butter chunk to have homemade countryside butter. But one can’t deny how tasty and safe to make your own instead of buying it.
The first thing you should consider is using fresh raw milk and not the packaged type. I say this because the fresh farm milk is rich in cream and doesn’t contain any preserving compounds, in addition to coming from grass-fed buffalos or cows, and that is the best quality.
If you already live in a farm, with the regular use of milk you will be able to store milk cream very often. The way is very simple; after boiling the milk and allowing to cool, put in the fridge for a whole night to make sure it forms the thick upper layer of cream. Simply collect the cream in the same way each time you boil the milk, and preserve it in the freezer until you collect around one or 2 kg of cream.
Put it out the freezer for a whole day before use, to make it enough tender to process in the blender.
Note: the produced butter will be nearly half of the amount of cream.


homemade butter

Let’s see the method from  Kristen Michaelis  kitchen :

1- Put some cream in the blender, turn the lid locks, and process for around 5 minutes non-stop.

homemade butter tutorial

2- When you see the butter beginning to separate from the cream, turn the blender off and let the butter for a few minutes to float on top of the buttermilk left at the bottom.

homemade butter tutorial

3- Use a spatula or large cooking spoon to hold the butter at one side while slowly pouring the buttermilk into a bowl.
Try to use the spoon to carefully squeeze the butter on the side until you feel all buttermilk has come out.

how to make butter

4- This step I consider optional because many would keep the butter in the freezer, but if you want to eat it and hence want it to stay in the fridge for more than one day, it is better to use ice water ‘like washing the butter’.
You will need to pour ice water on the butter and process for around 30 sec.
The cold water will keep the butter sticky and by then you can pour the water and collect the butter with a spatula in a bowl or jar.

how to make butter

5- This step too is optional; you may mix fine quality sea salt or common table salt with the butter to help preserving it. My own suggestion is putting the butter in ice cubes mold; it will give you frozen butter cubes ready to use for cooking or eating at any time.

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