Honey And Oil Lip Scrub

Honey and oil lip scrub

Honey and oil lip scrub is a bit similar to my previous recipes, but with a slight difference in the oils and additions. In this recipe we are going to use olive oil and jojoba oil with petroleum jelly as a base. Spices, lavender oil, peppermint oil or any type of flavoring are added as well. The recipe is made with honey and sugar to give a soft result and work with the spices to enhance the blood flow and make your lips bigger.


Vaseline petroleum jelly ½ tbsp
Runny honey 1 tbsp
Brown sugar “or white” 1 tbsp
Olive oil ½ tbsp
Jojoba oil ½ tbsp
A slight dash or cinnamon “optional as not all lips can bear it, but it gives rosy, filled lips”

Honey and oil lip scrub


Add the ingredients one after another in a glass bowl and make the jelly your last addition, with the cinnamon of course. Stir well and preserve in a glass jar in the fridge.


Never add cinnamon or hot-effect spices or oils to the mix, if your lips are too sensitive at that time.
Never apply the scrub, if your lips are injured or scratched or such.
Scrub gently to avoid injuries and if you feel the cinnamon is too hot on your lips, rinse them immediately and use a piece of ice to calm the skin.

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