Honey And Sugar Lip Scrub

honey and sugar lip scrub

This is another easy homemade lip scrub that can be stored in the fridge for a later use. You may add essential oils, almond oil or a tbsp of Vaseline petroleum jelly to make a softer texture and store the scrub in a small, clean glass jar in the fridge.


1 tbsp of white or brown sugar, ground if needed
1 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp of petroleum jelly “optional”
Drops of your favorite oils “optional”
Some warm water if needed

Honey and sugar lip scrub


In a small glass bowl, add the brown sugar and grind it as it is usually bigger than the white sugar. Add the honey, jelly and drops of oil and mix with a small spoon. Add the hot water if needed. If it doesn’t need let the mix as it is and store it in a glass jar.
Use the scrub on previously moisturized lips and scrub very carefully with your finger or a soft toothbrush.
Be gentle, in order not to tear or injure your lips, and rinse with water after scrubbing.

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