How Does Coronavirus Spread And Basic Protective Tips

How does coronavirus spread

How Does Coronavirus Spread?

Reference : World Health Organization

Coronavirus is found in the saliva and nasal discharge. So it spreads through the coughs or sneezes of an infected person when these droplets are released in the air. Luckily, the virus is not carried by the air and the droplets don’t travel for long distance “just 1 meter” then they fall to the ground or surrounded surfaces.

To make it easier for you, dear readers, I will list in points how does coronavirus spread and how to protect yourself…

How does coronavirus spread

How Does Coronavirus Spread?

1-Saliva and nasal discharge.
So it’s important to keep everything clean and sanitized. And make sure to get rid of any contaminated stuff, like paper tissues, immediately in a way that guarantees safety for you and others.

2-Coughs and sneezes.
Cover your face with paper tissue or your bent elbow”although I don’t prefer this way”. You can also wear a protective mask. And don’t forget the alcohol spray to sanitize your hands or face, if needed.

3-Hugs, kisses and shaking hands.
So keep your hands always clean, use paper tissue when you cough or sneeze, and avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth. Use alcohol rub or wash your hands with soap and water.

4-Touching contaminated surfaces.
Any surface that has not been sanitized can infect you. For example… tables, door handles, keys, car door handle, ATM machines, metal stuff, plastic bags, mobile phones, remote controls, wallets, etc.
Any of such frequently touched items/surfaces can infect you, if they are not sanitized. The best way to protect yourself, and others too, is to carry alcohol spray or alcohol wipes and sanitize your hands and anything you use before touching it.

5-Being in crowded places.
First of all, keep one meter distance between yourself and others. Second, be ware of crowded places like underground trains. Try to wear protect mask and rubber gloves, if possible. If you don’t have them at that time, just stay away from others and use alcohol spray on your hands and your clothes or suitcase.
Being in an elevator, stand with your body facing the wall, keeping 1 meter distance between yourself and those who stand beside you. That’s a very effective way to prevent infection. Also don’t touch the buttons with your hands. Anything like toothpicks, paper tissues or disposable gloves will protect you.

6-Being in contact with infected person.
Whether they be inside or outside your home, follow all the above directions and avoid sharing personal household items, like food/drink ware, with your family or pets. Wipe down everything you touch with alcohol, and fabrics should be washed and sanitized frequently.
Clean and disinfect any areas, items and clothes that may have body fluids/sneeze droplets on them. Monitor the symptoms and measure your temperature twice daily. Call medical assistance, if you have severe symptoms.

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