How To Decorate Easter Eggs

Of course all of us have once searched for simple ways to decorate the Easter eggs, aiming to draw beautiful patterns and obtain an elegant look for their houses during the holiday.
As for how to decorate Easter eggs, there many techniques that you can follow, if you have little experience in drawing, or if you want to do some quick decorations to celebrate the holiday. One of these techniques is dying the eggs with natural colors from hibiscus, thyme, saffron, and other herbs or fruit peels. After that, you can paint the eggs in whatever patterns you like.
The second way is to make marbled eggs. Despite the undefined patterns, marbled Easter eggs look very elegant and romantic, as the variety of infused colors give them a special charm. This method is usually done through patterning with colors or nail polish.

Hand painted easter eggs on green.

The third way to decorate the eggs is to glue then dredge them into glitter. This way provides elegant, single-colored eggs, and also allows you to stick beads or tiny embellishments to make several designs.
The fourth way is to make lovely vintage Easter eggs by either covering emptied shells with lace, colorful fabrics or soft printed papers. It is considered one of the easiest crafts that old ladies and kids adore instead of coloring.
The last way is to either paint the emptied shells and use them as flower pots, or include them in a nice carton arrangement to show many designs. And remember that you can use any of the above techniques together to generate more colorful designs and creative displays.

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