14 Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

how to protect yourself from coronavirus

How to protect yourself from coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a newly identified virus that first appeared in Wuhan, China in 2019. The Virus belongs to the corona group, and was named Covid-19 or SARS-COV-2. It infects animals and humans, and causes severe respiratory illness that can be lethal in some cases.
Due to the unpredictable, fast spread of SARS-COV-2, you should follow protective measures, to ensure your safety and others safety during the corona pandemic.

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Here are 14 tips on how to protect yourself from coronavirus:

1- Disinfect.
Your home regularly with bleach and water, or wash surfaces with soap and use alcohol spray. (If you have pets or respiratory problems, don’t use bleach as it is very toxic).

2- Wash your hands frequently.
why? Because washing your hands for 20 seconds removes all dirt, bacteria and viruses. So, frequent hand washing is the best way to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus
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3- Always carry alcohol spray with you when you are outside.
why? Because alcohol can kill germs, bacteria and viruses. So, it guarantees 100% safety.

4- Keep your shoes outside until you disinfect them.
why? Because when someone coughs or sneezes the sprayed droplets of saliva/nasal discharge fall to the ground. So, your shoes can pickup the infection.

5- Wash your clothes.
Immediately when you return home, and preferably with warm water.

Why? Because in crowded places or at work, your clothes could possibly pick up the infection.

6- Don’t touch your face, mouth or nose.
why? Because your hands can pick up the infection when you touch contaminated surfaces, and then transfer it by touching your face.

7- Avoid crowded places.
And if you must go for shopping or in public transportation, use a face mask and stand in the elevator with your body facing the wall.

8- Practice social distancing.
why? Because the virus lives in the saliva and nasal discharge, so when people cough or sneeze, tiny droplets are sprayed and if you are too close, you get infected.
keep 1 meter distance from others, wear protective mask and avoid contaminated surfaces.

How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus?

9- Don’t hug or shake hands to greet others.
Why? Because of the above reasons you have to greet others from a distance. You can simply offer warm greetings through a nice smile and elegant words.

10- Wearing gloves and mask.
why? You should wear them if you are in contact with patients or an infected person in your home. Also wear them in places where the infection spreads and no hand sanitizer or water and soap are available.

11- Practice respiratory hygiene.
Why? In order to protect yourself and limit the infection, you should cover your coughs/sneezes with paper tissue or your bent elbow. Dispose the tissue properly and use hand sanitizer.

12- Disinfect and sanitize.
All frequently touched items like handbags, briefcases, mobile phones, car door handle, door handle, keys and any metal stuff, remote controls, tables, light buttons, computer keyboard/mouse…etc.

how to protect yourself from coronavirus, symptoms

13- If you feel unwell stay at home.
For example, if you have been in contact with an infected person and you noticed mild symptoms within 14 days after contact, isolate yourself, rest and eat balanced meals rich in fruits and vegetables, especially vitamins C.

why you do this? Because mild symptoms don’t need hospitalization. It is likely that you will recover without medical assistance, if you are not old and you don’t have health problems or chronic diseases that may weaken your immunity. Also when you stay home, you will leave place in hospitals and other health care places, and allow them to provide their best help for those who really are in need for it.

14- If you develop severe symptoms.
Like fever, severe fatigue, difficulty breathing, you must cal for help because in that case the disease is lethal and the quicker you get help, the quicker you recover.

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