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Indian jewelry are classified among the most beautiful jewelry every made, due to their precise details and marvelous designs. Antique jewelry that belongs to the 18th century and the famous old Egyptian accessories, are the other two types that the world admires for the quality and wonderful designs.
Most of this work depends on the details and gold is often used, especially in the Indian jewelry, but the decorative stones and gems are not necessarily expensive, they should just give the desired look.


Indian wedding jewelry is always beautiful, precisely designed and lavishly decorated. The set usually includes a large sized collier or big necklace, or both together, with earrings and a bracelet that sometimes extends to a hand-size accessory. The round colliers are the simplest designs, but the large ones that extend a few inches downwards and also to the sides, are the most lavish and they are finely made with lots of gems and wonderful details.
Although most jewelry manufacturers depend on machinery, the Indian accessories are mostly made in the old-fashioned way, due to the excessive details and tiny engravings. This matter makes them original, precious and expensive enough to take a remarkable place in the jewelry stores.

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