Indoor Cat Houses

Indoor cat houses 0

Indoor cat houses are, like cat beds, used to provide warmth and comfort, but with a slight difference in their design and sometimes the materials they are made from. Most of them take the common shape of a dog house, even if they are made of fabrics. The wooden type if quite lovely as it provides a variety of shapes that include small ladders, different openings and an upper floor. Some cat trees come with small houses, on which the tree parts rest on, and they are surely made of wood.


As the boxed wooden houses look nice and wide, they provide another function for the cat and the owner, which is the possibility to use them as cat washrooms, instead of the unpleasant litter box.
Other than the plastic and wooden houses, there are extremely comfortable tents and covered beds, made totally from fabrics, as well as the modern trees, which come with small houses, swings and wool or fur coating all over the tree. I included two entertaining models in the below photos; the tunneled cat sofa and the shoe-like house, which are very enjoyable for playing and sleeping.

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